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Below, we describe the basic functions of the BUY the DIP tool:

  1. Setting purchase orders without capital lockup: You can place purchase orders on various altcoins without locking up your capital. For example, if you have $1000, you can set purchase orders for a total value of $1000 on multiple altcoins.

  2. The tool scans all selected altcoins and executes purchases within one second, thanks to its super-fast servers.

  3. Flash crash detection: It identifies exceptionally sharp price drops that last for x seconds, making it impossible to react manually. The application can execute purchases every second during such events.

  4. These two functions work together, allowing you to continuously search for flash crashes without tying up your capital. Meanwhile, you can still manually trade with your available capital.

  5. Additionally, you have the option to sell using standard limit orders or a Trailing Stop, which automatically adjusts the stop loss. You can also set a trailing stop or delayed stop loss, e.g., a 5-minute delay (useful when catching a drop and not wanting the application to buy and immediately sell in the event of a significant flash crash).

  6. Real-time market response: When there is a significant BTC price drop, the application refrains from buying altcoins until the market stabilizes.

  7. Repurchase based on specified conditions: You can set conditions for repurchasing, such as limiting the number of purchases for a single altcoin to a maximum of two, with the second purchase occurring after a specified time interval and if the price is 5% lower.

  8. A GEM, AntiPumpAndDump: This is our proprietary feature that detects rapid and excessive price increases on a particular altcoin, often referred to as a "pump." The tool refrains from buying the altcoin until its price stabilizes.

  9. MoneyManager: This function, based on your settings, adjusts your purchasing capital. For example, it may decrease your capital after five consecutive profitable positions or increase it by a specified percentage after five consecutive losses. The aim is to have the application "play it safer" following a series of profitable or losing trades, simulating a statistical money manager.

  10. Every purchase is executed at support levels.

All of these features are available in an easy-to-use web application.

How does it work in practice ?

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