🔹NFT Beast World

Welcome to the fascinating world of NFT Beast World, where your favorite NFT cards become living characters in thrilling battles. The game centers on collecting NFTs, strategy, and competition, combining unique elements that bring a lot of joy to both experienced players and beginners.

In NFT Beast World, the main emphasis is on creating unique decks with NFT character cards. Initially, each player receives 20 basic cards assigned to their account. Every 21 days, 20 cards are randomly drawn from a pool of utility cards for gameplay. Players owning any of these cards in their wallet can use them to build a stronger deck. To utilize a specific card in your deck, you must possess its NFT. This means that to excel in the game, players need to collect all available NFTs, as each can be a crucial element in strategy.

Remember that building and refining your deck is key to success in exciting duels with other players. Be prepared for changes every 3 weeks and strategically use the available cards to gain an advantage over rivals in the fascinating world of NFT Beast World! Your goal in the game is to compete with other players, using your cards in dynamic duels. Each match lasts about 10 minutes, making NFT Beast World ideal for quick gameplay during breaks from daily responsibilities or work. Your tactical skills and strategy determine victory.

It's worth noting that winning duels earns you ELO rank points, and cards can randomly "drop" during matches, adding excitement and surprise. If you want to start with specific NFT cards, you can always purchase them from another player on the Metapro market. Be ready for amazing discoveries and continually evolve your strategies!

To embark on your journey in NFT Beast World, simply log in with a standard account or use popular cryptocurrency wallets like Metamask and Metapro. This ensures the security and full control of your NFT collection.

NFT Beast World is a fascinating game that has merged the worlds of cryptocurrencies and collectible NFT cards. Prepare for thrilling duels, build your collection, and earn ranking points. Join our community, participate in tournaments, and become a master of NFT Beast World!

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