Parcels (lands)

In our game, a key role is played by Parcels, which are unique NFT Cards. In order to build a company, you must possess an NFT Card of a specific parcel. These cards will be available during the pre-launch sale, known as Presale.

The most important feature of the Parcel cards is that they are exchangeable. This means you can trade them, adding an extra dimension of strategy and resource management to the game. Moreover, if the game server is closed, it will be possible to exchange the NFT card for a new, random card of the same or better quality in a newly opened district. It's crucial to emphasize this feature, as it adds an additional layer of security for the players' investments.

Parcel cards will come in five different qualities, from the lowest to the highest: common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Each of these parcels has unique additional bonuses. Depending on the card's quality, these may include percentage bonuses to production, percentage bonuses reducing the Bonus from Workers, percentage bonuses reducing the chances of employee vacations, as well as percentage bonuses reducing the chances of illnesses in the company.

Each NFT card clearly describes the bonuses available on a given Parcel. These bonuses may occur individually or they may be combined, adding even more diversification and strategy to managing your company.

Sample NFT Parcel Card:

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