1. It doesn't display my balance correctly. What should I do?

    • Check if you accidentally clicked "save" twice where we enter API keys. Also, ensure that in the API, as indicated in the instructions, permission for trading is enabled.

  2. Which strategy should I start with?

    • Start the first four pre-made strategies, optionally the fifth for hodlers. You can have a maximum of six strategies running simultaneously.

  3. What amount should I set for the strategy?

    • Each strategy has a note in parentheses indicating the amount of capital used. This is the capital for one purchase, not for the entire strategy. It is distributed to complement each other.

  4. In the logs, I see a message that the balance is missing. What should I do?

    • You can report this or pause and unpause the strategy to restore functionality. We are working on resolving this message.

  5. I have all the strategies running for several days, but no purchases. Is something not working correctly?

    • You can check if the strategies are running by clicking on "Strategies," and below, we have "LOGS." The latest logs should be up to date with the current date and time. If everything is okay, then you need to wait. "BUY the DIP" looks for opportunities, and such opportunities occur more or less frequently.

  6. I want the tool to buy every day and make a profit. How should I set up the strategy?

    • "BUY the DIP" is focused on effectiveness, and for it to be effective, there must be an appropriate market moment. Therefore, I suggest not setting too low percentage dips, as it will have the opposite effect of the intended one, and "BUY the DIP" will then operate like most average bots.

  7. If I have a monthly/quarterly subscription, can I purchase a lifetime subscription at the old lower price?

    • Yes, if the subscription is continuously maintained, the lower lifetime price applies (the price that was in effect when your subscription started).

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