Boostify is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to earn money by displaying ads on their website or promote their product in an easy and effective way. The platform is divided into two parts: Advertisers and Publishers. Advertisers can search for pages where they can place their ads and receive information about prices and basic statistics. Publishers receive a JS code to place on their website and receive payment for each ad displayed.

For advertisers: A user who wants to advertise their products, website, or YouTube channel is provided with a panel containing a search engine for pages where they can advertise, basic statistics, and information about the prices for daily advertising. After selecting a specific page, the advertiser completes a form with advertising data, adds a 150x150 pixel banner and a URL address. The advertiser chooses the duration of the advertisement and makes a payment in MCE. The ad then awaits approval.

For publishers: Publishers can add their website or blog by providing the URL, categories, and site description, setting a daily rate, and enabling ad verification. Once added, a JS code is provided to place a box on the site containing 150x150 px advertiser banners. Advertisers must purchase an ad on a specific site for an amount determined by the publisher. A maximum of 12 ads can be sold per page, and only one box can be added. Boostify offers a payment system with 90% going to publishers and 10% split between the affiliate program and platform maintenance.

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