Factory Production

Each company in the game produces specific resources. In order to produce them, additional materials may be needed. As a standard, to produce one unit of a given resource, we need one unit of each required material. This is where production coefficients come into play. At the very beginning, we subtract the percentage of production that is dependent on employee illnesses or holidays. The next step is to add a bonus from active employees in the company - for each employee, we add 2% to production. The next element is to multiply the current bonus by the bonus from the plot, and finally, we multiply everything by bonuses from NFT cards.

The formula looks like this:

Production = (Basic Production - Percent Illnesses/Holidays) + (1 + 0.02 * Number of Employees) * Parcel Bonus * Total Bonus from NFT Cards

The next element of running a company is fixed costs and employee costs. These costs are deducted every hour from the user's account in MCE tokens - a lack of tokens results in production stopping.

To encourage employees to work in our company, we can decide the amount we are willing to allocate for one employee. However, it must be remembered that these costs are deducted every hour, and the production of raw materials takes place according to the production cycle of a given company.

Why is it worth rewarding employees with additional MCE tokens? Because it increases our raw material production without losing materials. For example, when 100 employees will work in our company, we will receive a +200% bonus to production. This means that for one unit of raw materials required for production, we will receive 3 units of produced resource (100% basic production + employee bonus).

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