The BTD (Buy The Dip) application is a tool designed to buy sudden and very large drops, known as "flash crashes" or "dips," in many different altcoins simultaneously. The application allows for creating custom automatic trading bots to simultaneously monitor multiple altcoins and purchase them during sudden, deep, but temporary drops. The application facilitates easy programming of buying and selling strategies. Currently, the application offers the option to connect strategies to the Binance spot market.

To use the bot, you need to have a sufficient amount of USDT in your Binance trading account and BNB to cover fees. The next step is to purchase a subscription, which offers various options, including monthly, quarterly, yearly, or a lifetime plan. The cost for bot access varies depending on the chosen subscription duration. Upon payment, users gain the ability to configure an unlimited number of strategies, eliminating the need to select a single one. For instance, they can run up to 5 strategies simultaneously to maximize the diversification of their trading funds.

The tool has a 'Hard stop loss,' which means that when setting a stop loss, it is placed immediately upon purchase as an order on Binance. This way, in the event of Binance server outages, 'BUY the DIP,' or any other errors, we are always protected by the stop loss. We do not use leverage, so there is no possibility of capital liquidation.

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